encore bank

taking a local banking business to a national-scale.



Encore Bank, formerly known as Arkansas’ ‘Capital Bank’, was the new and improved name for the bank now aimed to become a banking business for business owners and large account holders. Since the business had changed its’ identity, a new look and feel for the brand was necessary to fully detach itself from its’ predecessor.

In search of the brand’s new identity, CenterRock Advertising was selected as the agency to transform this new business.


Encore Light Blue 

Encore Green 


Encore Dark Blue

Encore Grey 



Encore provided their logo and style guide for reference, however, everything outside of what was given was free-reign. From there, our starting point was– how exactly should Encore present itself? 


Luxurious – The bank primarily caters to those who either own businesses or who have / handles a substantial amount of money.

Boutique-style (Personal) – Tailoring to the client, the bank adds a unique touch through their customer-client relationships which is more direct than it’s competitors.


Professional – In a traditional sense, reputation in a brand also goes hand in hand with how the business presents itself. Because it is a banking business, it’s necessary that the brand be seen as professional as it can be.


Friendly – Good customer-service is an essential part of this new business’s selling points, which could be well highlighted through the brand’s colors and images.



Site Redesign


With Encore Bank’s exponential growth outside of Arkansas, now spanning from Texas to Florida, the existing site needed a fresh, more branded revamp to better reflect the bank’s expansion.


The site features dynamic elements along with hyper-local landing pages to direct website traffic more effectively and efficiently.