roadrunner scooters

branding from the ground up.



A new found scooter company out of Denver, Colorado, was looking to start the branding process for their business, RoadRunner Scooters, a  business focused on distributing one of the top leading scooters in the world– NanRobot.

In creating the new brand’s identity, it was crucial to the client that the aesthetic reflect the brand’s expected target audience– young commuters in large cities. On that note, the brand needed to be fresh, sleek, and edgy, not to mention its’ necessity to pair well with the existing NanRobot brand. 

Logo Design

Initially, the client’s concept for the logo was to cross-reference professional sport logos and come up with a road runner’s face that included the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue). A few rough iterations later, the direction became very clear that a “mascot logo” would not suit the brand… so it was back to the drawing board.



Going back to the roots of design you’ll find that above all, minimalism reigns King.Think of the iconic Apple and Nike Swoosh… the world has accustomed itself to dumb things down to one single graphic that creates instant recognition. Thus, brand logos which continue to stick because of their simplicity. Creating an emblem that could do this was the new goal, and a roadrunner constructed from an R was a step in the right direction.



From its’ subtle vibrant gradients to its’ sophisticated minimal style, this logo encompasses the edginess and sleekness the client was seeking.

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