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VENN is in your future, Tarot Card for Product Mailer


To introduce the brand’s “mystique” product in a fun way for the new year, I was tasked in helping design a tarot card for a product mailer that would be sent out to influencers to help advertise VENN Skincare.

VENN solely advertises itself as science based skincare, so for the card’s design it was important to reflect that artistically while also matching the brand’s existing geometric style.


Traditionally, tarot cards are presented as magical stories for one’s future, with that in mind I wanted to highlight the process from the “natural” to the “lab” in almost a heavenly-like manner, creating plant-like shapes, a water droplet to ray-like lines leading to test tubes and drawing it back to the product itself with the inclusion of a venn diagram and triad shape as a background element to hold the logo. The story is the synthesis of the product and ultimately that product (Venn) is in your future.